Monday, 1 July 2013

12 years of WebTrust Accreditation and Counting!

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For 12 years in a row, GlobalSign continues to display the WebTrust Seal of assurance for CA and EV SSL.

The latest audits are out and GlobalSign is both proud and excited to display the WebTrust Seal of assurance once more. This is the 12th year that the SaaS-based Certificate Authority is awarded this accreditation by Ernst & Young making it one of the longest WebTrust compliant companies throughout the industry.

This year, in addition to the WebTrust Seal for Certificate Authority, and the Seal for EV SSL, GlobalSign is also granted the official assurance for compliance to Baseline Requirements.

To be eligible for the WebTrust seal of assurance, a Certificate Authority issuing publicly trusted Digital Certificates used to secure website, e-documents, and emails must comply with the industry set code of practice. Among the audit requirements one must meet to be awarded the WebTrust compliance are assurance of customer authentication procedures, secured Certificate issuance infrastructure, and a sophisticated plan for handling customer data.

This earned recognition proves that GlobalSign, through providing customers with the strongest, most secure, and most reliable online authentication services worldwide, is living up to its SSL mission of being more than a Certificate Authority (CA).

For more information on WebTrust policy, compliance, and procedures, and GlobalSign’s product line, you may email us at

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Thank You for Visiting Us at the Festival Komputer Indonesia 2013

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Thank you for visiting us at the Festival Komputer Indonesia 2013 last 12 – 16 June 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.

GlobalSign APAC Team FKI 2013

We hope we have adequately answered all your queries on internet and digital security during the five-day event. We take much delight in the fact that we were able to share with you our innovative solutions aimed at getting you ahead of today’s competitive business arena.

As one of the largest and leading Certificate Authorities worldwide, GlobalSign continuously strives to provide technologically advanced enterprise security solutions. Moreover, what sets GlobalSign apart from other CAs is the fact that its solutions are tailored according to the clients’ needs and requirements. Hence, we are confident that we can deliver and meet your organization’s size and volume requirements.

Some of the core solutions we provide are: SSL Certificates (Extended Validation SSL, Organization Validated SSL, Domain Validated SSL) which have Wildcard and Subject Alternative Name (SAN) options, digital signing of Microsoft Office documents and emails (PersonalSign), and Adobe PDF documents (PDF Sign). We also offer cloud-based certificate management solutions for large enterprises: ManagedSSL and ePKI.

We will be happy to further discuss our solutions and answer your queries. You may leave us your contact information or send us an email at You may also visit our official website and find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for the latest promotions and product updates!

We hope to see you again on future trade shows.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Are You Still Using 1024 Bit Key Encryption?

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With the growing complexities of the internet, digital certificates generated with 1024 bit key encryptions are no longer advisable. While they proved to be unbreakable for the past few decades, with the advances in technology, Generation X now has the ability of decrypting these chains allowing a successful Man in the Middle attack resulting to unauthorized access to personally identifiable information.

Understanding this curve of development in algorithms, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recommended all CAs to use 2048 bit key lengths on all issued digital certificate starting November 2010.

As a certificate authority valuing customers and industry innovation most, GlobalSign has been religiously complying with NIST guidelines and recommendations (in advisories 800-57 and 800-131) and Microsoft’s mandatory requirements of Microsoft’s Root Certificate Program (Technical Requirement Point 11). All of the issued digital certificates from the GlobalSign comprehensive product line from December of 2010 have 2048 bit key encryptions giving customers double protection from possible breach of their data. 

What happens?

All individuals and organizations requesting and/or renewing SSL certificates from GlobalSign will have to specify a 2048 bit key encryption length on their Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) from November 29, 2010 onward. The system shall not process CSRs with a 1024 or lower key lengths.

If are currently using a 1024 bit key length on your SSL’s CSR and would like to renew under GlobalSign, you would have to create another CSR with 2048 bit key encryption. In the event that you do not have the technical expertise to do this, you may email our support team at or you can use GlobalSign’s AutoCSR function* alternatively.

*AutoCSR may only be used for DV and OV SSL orders. For EV SSL, client needs to manually generate their Certificate Signing Requests. 

Check your Certificate’s Encryption Strength

Enter your website’s URL on

 After the analysis is done, please click on more details.

Afterwards, click on Certificate Details. To know the encryption strength, refer to the details under Public Key.