Monday, 1 July 2013

12 years of WebTrust Accreditation and Counting!

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For 12 years in a row, GlobalSign continues to display the WebTrust Seal of assurance for CA and EV SSL.

The latest audits are out and GlobalSign is both proud and excited to display the WebTrust Seal of assurance once more. This is the 12th year that the SaaS-based Certificate Authority is awarded this accreditation by Ernst & Young making it one of the longest WebTrust compliant companies throughout the industry.

This year, in addition to the WebTrust Seal for Certificate Authority, and the Seal for EV SSL, GlobalSign is also granted the official assurance for compliance to Baseline Requirements.

To be eligible for the WebTrust seal of assurance, a Certificate Authority issuing publicly trusted Digital Certificates used to secure website, e-documents, and emails must comply with the industry set code of practice. Among the audit requirements one must meet to be awarded the WebTrust compliance are assurance of customer authentication procedures, secured Certificate issuance infrastructure, and a sophisticated plan for handling customer data.

This earned recognition proves that GlobalSign, through providing customers with the strongest, most secure, and most reliable online authentication services worldwide, is living up to its SSL mission of being more than a Certificate Authority (CA).

For more information on WebTrust policy, compliance, and procedures, and GlobalSign’s product line, you may email us at