Monday, 27 February 2012

Before you grab that deal - Tips to Protect Your Online Identiy

Spotted that awesome deal online? Maybe it's something that's gotten your attention and you're just about to click on the "checkout" option.

Wait a minute, you ask yourself. Is this checkout system safe? Can my details be trusted? 

These are the thoughts that can run through your customers' minds as they navigate your website.

Turn Your Clicks into Customers with the GlobalSign Secure Site Seal

As an owner of a website where you deal with customer's information and their credit card details, it's important for you to show that your website is credible. The GlobalSign Secure Site Seal gives your website instant credibility by providing a visual reassurance that your website's identity has been verified and secured by GlobalSign's SSL

Help Convert General Visitors into Paying Customers

Do not risk potential customers abandoning their shopping carts and web forms! Display the Secure Site Seal to give them the confidence to complete the transaction. Adding the Secure Site Seal to all your web pages will give immediate tangible trust benefits, with significant effects:

- "Click to Verify" - customers can view your company information for added credibility.
- Selection of sizes and formats - static GIF or animated Flash
- Easy to install into any web page - simply copy and paste canned HTML code into the location on the page where you wish for the Secure Site Seal to be displayed

Show your visitors that they can trust you. This is a critical step in converting hesitent customers by giving them the confidence to do business with you. Don't let your company's dedication to trust go unnoticed.

The Secure Site Seal is available free of charge to all GlobalSign SSL Certificate customers.

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