Monday, 21 May 2012

Thailand: New Southeast Asian Hub of Online Security Industries

Computer security spend in Thailand is predicted to grow by 13-15% this year to reach US$11 billion putting Thailand second next to Indonesia, leaving Singapore in third place with US$10.6 billion projected IT spending*. Increased IT spending is due to Thai people’s awareness of the danger of data loss through unauthorized access to portals and websites, reported the research firm IDC.

Thailand’s ability to be back in the business arena after it has experienced a number of floods and typhoons the previous year makes investors more confident to start a business in the area. The people’s growing interest on smartphones and IT services is what further strengthened the growth of Thailand’s IT market. It is good to note however, that despite the growth in IT consumption, Thai people are still vigilant of cyber threats as more Thailand-based companies put online security spending on top of their list to ensure corporate data-leak prevention, reported Ms Kapoor, senior market analyst of IDC. She further added that "In Thailand, fraud through online banking services is still the most feared cyber attack.”

Seeing Thailand’s potential of being the next big venue of IT services, GlobalSign, a fast growing SSL and Digital Certificates provider, decided to enter Thailand’s IT market. In line with this, GlobalSign also recently launched its Thai language website which primary aim is to gain more attention from potential Thai customers who are not good conversant in English. Without the need to adapt to a foreign language, the website allows Thai customers faster and easier application, management, renewal, and support services on SSL and Digital Certificates. GlobalSign is hopeful that the Thai language website will also help meet the company’s aim of providing Thai customers better assistance and a more thorough understanding of GlobalSign’s wide range of SSL certificates for website encryption and authentication. These array of products include the Domain Validation (DV) SSL, Organizational Validation (OV) SSL, and Extended Validation (EV) SSL.

GlobalSign is confident that its decision to enter the Thai SSL market and the launch of Thai language website will help the company strengthen its brand and position in the global SSL market while conscientiously attending to the customers’ needs. 

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