Tuesday, 26 June 2012

About 9,500 Malicious Websites Detected by Google Daily

(Google detects about 9,500 malicious websites and pop ups daily.)

Google’s Safe Browsing Program has already served more than 600 million users since its launch 5 years ago. Daily, Google detects about 9,500 malicious websites and pop ups and consistently sends warnings to users of the potential harm.

Image from Google

The program seems to be meeting its objective, but since the number of cyber threats and phishing attacks are continuously increasing, internet users must be more cautious and vigilant.

Although Google is consistently looking for the best measures to keep their users safe, internet users must also do their part by not ignoring the warnings and through having the knowledge of distinguishing between an SSL secured site and an unsecure site.

What’s in the Address Bar?
The address bar is not simply the area where you’ll find or type in the website you like to visit. It also contains some information helpful in differentiating between a secure and non-secure website.

For websites encrypted with DV and OV SSL Certificates, the HTTP in the address bar will be replaced by HTTPS. The padlock is also present suggesting a secure connection. 

Image from GlobalSign

Due to the ever-increasing cyber attacks, many companies are using advanced SSL certificates, GlobalSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL being one, to assure customers that they’re on the genuine site. EV SSL activates the green address bar is activated making it easier for users to notice that the website they’re browsing is secure.

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