Friday, 29 June 2012

GlobalSign Awarded WebTrust Compliance for 11 Consecutive Years

For 11 consecutive years, GlobalSign SSL continues to display the WebTrust and Extended Validation (EV) Seal of Assurance.

GlobalSign, one of the leading SSL Certificate providers, was again awarded the WebTrust Seal of Assurance for Certification Authorities. This is the 11th year that GlobalSign received the award making it one of the longest WebTrust compliant companies throughout the industry.

The WebTrust accreditation sets an industry standard for the code of practice for Certification Authorities issuing publicly trusted Digital Certificates which are used for securing websites, documents, and emails.  Among the standards and requirements one must meet to be awarded the WebTrust compliance are assurance of customer authentication procedures, secured Certificate issuance infrastructure, and a sophisticated plan for handling customer data.

This citation proves that GlobalSign remains one of the longest serving and most trustworthy names in the online security and identity authentication world.