Thursday, 6 September 2012

Secure Site Seal: Not Your Ordinary Website Emblem

Secure Site Seals are more than just accessories attached to web pages. Used properly, they are effective trust and revenue booster tools.

With the widespread publicity of the many cases of internet fraud, hacking attacks, identity theft, and data breaches, majority of internet users have learned to be cynical of every website they visit paying particular attention to items indicating secure server connections such as SSL certificates. In the same manner, organizations looking over online security practices have become very particular with their security practices guidelines especially for those websites where personal and sensitive information come and go.

It is this scepticism of users and the very stringent policies that pushed online security industry readers to come up with a Security Site Seal, an additional security feature easily visible on the clients’ websites. The problem is people are not fully aware of security seals’ purposes. Many even think that they are just merely website emblems incorporated by website developers to make their website have a more professional feel. But in reality, Secure Site Seals mean a lot more than emblems.

Site Seals as Trust Marks and Revenue Booster Tools
If you are running your own ecommerce business or if you wish to start one, you must be very aware that many customers are hesitant to do online business and the only way to resolve this problem is to gain their trust by providing them evidences that you are indeed an authenticated seller.

Security Site Seals are online “trust marks” proving website visitors that their transactions are fully authenticated and secured by the strongest SSL certificates issued by a trusted Certificate Authority like GlobalSign. Logically, the more details customers get about the security practices websites run, the more will they be confident in doing business online. Site seals display just the right amount of relevant information to convince users of the website’s credentials including the current security technology the website uses, identity of the website owner, and details about the issuing Certificate Authority.

Displaying Security Site Seal is also another way of letting your customer know you care of their welfare through investing on their data’s security. Not only that, displaying site seals would help mitigate the risk of customers leaving shopping carts behind because for security reasons, therefore letting you experience significant boost in business revenues.

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