Thursday, 25 October 2012

Knowledge is power! Know when the site is secured

Ever wonder why many people keep on opening attachments or pop-up emails from literally any one who sends it? And why even if they know it might be bogus, they still click the links. This is because they trust the network/ social media they are in to.

So if you are into facebook, twitter, yahoo, google or any other network generator that handles account then you should be aware of your site. You as a user should be aware if the sites you are entering are protected, this is to lessen the increasingly spreading of ransomware.

For those of you who are not aware of ransomware, this is a type of malware which restricts access to the computer system that it infects and gain control again after a ransom is paid. It is very rampant to date because people engage their time more online, making cybercriminals see opportunities.

While antivirus companies look to stay ahead of criminals, many times they fall behind -- or the criminals find some new method of attack. What has made staying ahead so much harder is that users today don't need to open an attachment or download anything. They really just need to click on the wrong link.”

It is this easy to get hacked nowadays, thus it is highly recommended for users to check if the site is safe to visit. So here's some pointers on how to know if the site is secured just by the front page of it.


You can even check which company issued the certificate of the website. In this case, this is an Extended Validation SSL. The highest class of SSL available, it has a 2048-bit future proof SSL ssecurity, meaning all browsers connecting to your website also receive the highest available level of protection.


3. SITE SEAL IS DISPLAYED – the Site Seal is usually displayed at the bottom of the page. To verify just click on the seal and you will be redirected to another page for the seal's information.

So there you have it. Three easy ways to see if the website you're visiting is safe and secured.

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