Thursday, 18 October 2012

Making the Cloud a Better Choice by Ensuring Data Security

Migration to the cloud is becoming the trend in today’s tech world as cloud services prove to be the most cost-effective solutions offering no lock-in period and pay for what you consume services. In a recent study, it is forecasted that in the APAC region as SMBs alone, the cloud market will rise from $7.6B to $19.8B in 2015. Something is still however stopping people and businesses from migrating to the cloud – security issues.

Cloud provides a gateway to different applications and business platforms without the hassle of keeping and maintaining a physical medium or device. Cloud environments allow users to save a lot of space in their hard drives and use applications with minimal lags. With everything virtually stored, it lets you literally save space. More importantly, with important files and documents hosted in the cloud, many businesses can streamline their processes and decision making through 24/7 access to data anywhere.

Given the unlimited benefits of the Cloud, what factor may speak for the somehow sluggish adaption rate? Security; the security of cloud environment has always been a highly debatable issue. Majority of decision makers believe do not fully trust the security in the cloud claiming that it is more likely easier to be hacked compared to the traditional storing of files and the anti-virus scanning. Nonetheless, this is being counterargued. According to Google Enterprise Director of Security Eran Feigenbaum that when it comes to moving to the cloud, it's more secure than what most organizations are currently using.

As one of the leaders in security services provisioning, GlobalSign came up with a technology which lets users save cost by migrating to the cloud with the confidence of not being susceptible to data breach.

GlobalSign’s CloudSSL is an SSL distribution service available via API and is designed specifically to help web services operate securely in the Cloud. It removes the restrictions of traditional SSL, such as one Certificate per IP address, and can be used across large virtualized environments without incurring additional license fees. CloudSSL partners make on-demand requests for SSL Certificates,including request for their customer base all within the top level Certificate issued to the Cloud partner. All the time meeting the highest security associated with the GlobalSign SSL brand.

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