Friday, 1 June 2012

[Bangkok] [Event] Second World Hosting Days in Asia

Photo taken during Paul van Brouwershaven's talk on OneClickSSL

GlobalSign, a trusted Certification Authority, participated as a Gold Partner on the recently concluded WorldHostingDays at the Millennium Hilton, Bangkok last 24-25 May 2012.

WorldHostingDays are a series of events allowing exchange of ideas with the experts of the hosting and cloud industry. It is also the perfect venue to widen the business network and be in contact with key players in the global hosting market. It is estimated that over 650 delegates came to be part of the two-day event with the majority being Thai locals. With the staggering growth of the Asian online market, the WorldHostingDays is surely a timely event for exploring new business opportunities and strengthening current business partnerships.

Asia’s Web Hosting Industry
Evidently, web hosting is not anymore just the business of American and European countries. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce and the high demand for internet-based services in the Asian region, it is no surprise that Asia is rapidly catching up with the big figures in the hosting and cloud industry in the US and Europe.

More and more enterprises and organizations nowadays prefer internet-based businesses and transactions seeing it as the best cost-effective and convenient alternative to the face-to-face buying/selling. It may sound simple, but starting a business online, is never easy especially with a number of strong profile competitors already existing. This is where web hosting companies are of great help. Aside from providing you a virtual space, web hosting companies can help you enter the core of the competition without much hassle. Usually, websites hosted by hosting companies have no or only minimal advertisements thus, attracting more viewers who can be potential customers.

Granted this is the current status of Asian e-commerce and web hosting, the WorldHostingDays in Asia was the best opportunity to learn more and be partners with the world’s largest hosting companies towards achieving the best revenues with the lowest possible costs.  

Protecting Online Businesses
The internet is no longer just a place where people meet to socialize and gather information. It is now also becoming a major site for crimes. Yearly, the number of reported cybercrimes increase. Majority of these attacks are aimed at the banking and finance sectors. It is good to note however, that as a response to the increasing threats, more and more companies are willing to spend on online security to prevent corporate data leaks.

There are a number of ways on how to protect online transactions but the most common is through installing server SSL secure server certificates. These certificates encrypt the website and its content to assure the administrators none of the content is altered. Moreover, it ensures end users of a secure and worry-free transaction. 

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