Thursday, 7 June 2012

OneClickSSL: A Time and Cost-Effective Online Security Solution

Traditionally, to have SSL certificate installed, one has to go through a series of complicated steps. That is not something you want to do in the present era especially when the market competition is really tough. GlobalSign offers a new solution that will not only bring convenience but may also boost business revenues – OneClickSSL. With this newest technology, hosting companies and resellers may issue SSL certificates in a matter of minutes.

Image from GlobalSign

GlobalSign’s OneClickSSL rids customers and enterprises the long vetting process, thus saving them time and cost. Also, with OneClickSSL, resellers and end-users need not have the technical know-how since the whole process is fully automated. That is, they do not have to create their own CSR which is oftentimes the most problematic step in the SSL application process. To have their certificates installed, customers need only to purchase Secure Site Vouchers from authorized resellers and download the plug-ins. Through the OneClickSSL plug-ins, which include cPanel, Parallels Plesk, IIS, and Apache, customers simply enter the voucher code to redeem, and click the button to activate and install the certificate.  

While the process is really simple and is done in a few seconds, the security level is not compromised. Customers still get the highest security currently available in the market, 2048 encryption.

This new technology offers both end users and resellers an advantage. Customers can just relax as they wait for their SSL Certificates to be installed in a few minutes, while resellers can instantly issue SSL Certificates, avoid the hustles of support inquiries, and focus more on managing their businesses. 

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