Friday, 27 July 2012

Securing Microsoft Office Document and Email through Digital IDs [Part 3 of a 4-Part Series]

The dawn of the digital era has brought humans utmost convenience in terms of communication but along with this commodity comes an identity and security risk. Nowadays, snail mails are no longer being used as primary channels for communication between people from different locations, and documents are no longer being drafted using pen and paper. Instead, people and organizations now are exchanging correspondence through electronic mails and create important documents digitally. While this seems to be advantageous for enterprises as they save cost for paper and pen supplies, it also brings a large threat on the security of their data.

Majority, if not all, businesses and individuals are using Microsoft Outlook to check emails, and Microsoft Office to create documents. Since these are considered intangible assets unless printed out, it is way more difficult to verify if they are from a trusted source and if their contents have not been altered by any third party. This problem with the integrity of documents may be addressed by Digital IDs as these identify the real identity of the author and serves as a certifying body that the signer of the document is real and not a bogus one.

As per the email, cryptography is the technology primarily used to encrypt the content to allow for viewing only to the authorized recipients. With so many emails being sent and received every day, emails have been the target of malware, virus, phishing, and other internet attacks. GlobalSign Email Security solutions allow the owner of a Digital ID to digitally sign and encrypt email (using standards based S/MIME) to prove legitimacy of personal and company email, making it tamper-proof and keeping it safe from prying eyes. Digital IDs can also be used to securely authenticate you to an online service via the inbuilt SSL VPN capabilities of your browser.

To meet customers’ growing digital security needs,GlobalSign has partnered with Microsoft to bring the best and the strongest security catering both personal and corporate needs. Below you’ll find the Digital ID solution GlobalSign offers:

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