Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Certifying and Approving PDF with DocumentSign [Part 4 of a 4-Part Series]

Technologies have already gone way far beyond a lay person can fathom. And people just have to cope with whatever comes along with the advances, be it advantageous or not.

Portable Digital Files are becoming more popularly used as they successfully eradicate the issue of software compatibility. This popularity of use of PDF invites not only people intending to use it to increase productivity, but also those who have malicious intents thus, putting an end to the thought that PDF files cannot be altered and are therefore secure.

 Although editing a PDF is a bit more tedious than altering a word file, there is still no guarantee that the document integrity is kept intact unless it is encrypted with a digital certificate which verifies the identity of the owner, authenticates the document, and keeps it from being altered.

The ever increasing digital crimes have pushed Adobe to launch the Certified Document Services  (CDS) program which operates under a stringent set of policies and standards developed and implemented by Adobe and audited by WebTrust. GlobalSign is an authorized participant in the Adobe CDS program allowing it GlobalSign to issue Adobe recognised CDS Certificates, branded as DocumentSign Digital IDs, to both individuals and departmental entities.

GlobalSign’s DocumentSign allows users to certify and/or approve PDF distributed over the internet.  The process is the virtual equivalent to sealing a document and adding wet-ink signatures and assuring the recipient that the document is authentic, comes from a verified source, and the contents have not been altered or tampered with since publication.
We hope this shared information was helpful in having a better grasp of what Digital IDs are and how there are important especially in this modern digital world. This ends our 4-part series, we hope you found it informative.

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