Monday, 17 September 2012


If in marketing there is 4P's, then here's the 4M's we should all be aware about. Hackers or malware writers are increasing tremendously nationwide and they are making a profit out of it not only on your personal computers but in mobile phones as well.

We all are aware of the mobile usage of the economy to this date. And believe it or not, hackers are also into this nowadays. Since we are all users, then we all should be aware of this jeopardy. Malwares are most common in usage of phone as payment mechanism, also termed as “Toll Fraud”, which is currently widespread in Russia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe.

It has been accounted that there is an 82 percent of user detections in June 2012. Imagine the huge percentage of industry business it had become in a month that it has a record of millions of dollars successfully stolen from the people, not to mention the transactions that are not successful.

Despite the growing issue of privacy on mobile devices, a significant component of users are still having a hard time coping with aggressive advertising techniques. It has been estimated that only 5 percent of Android applications include these aggressive players but were downloaded for over 80 million times. Why do people with privacy issues still download these advertisements and how does malware writers earn? The answer is simple, these techniques include the ever famous pushing out-of-app ads and with every click thereof comes the access of personal identifiable information without the user knowing. And these information about the user can be sold to companies who need it for a lot of financial compensation.

BOTTOMLINE: People need to be aware of the danger their mobile phones might get if they won't be aware of what they are hitting in those unsafe links and download buttons. They should also know that username and password left unprotected can also be hacked immediately. As suggested by the professionals, we should always sign-out or log-out our accounts specially if we are not using our own devices. Because if this continues to happen, then eventually people will lack trust in using mobile phones for transactions due to unending fraud.

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