Friday, 14 September 2012

Millions of Personally Identifiable Information Exposed

Government sector reported 268 incidents of data breaches which exposed 94 million personal identifiable information records.

In less than three years, the number of exposed government records tremendously increased leaving the public documents including those with personally identifiable information more vulnerable to unauthorized access. A recent report listed 268 successful incidents of data breaches among government sectors in the US. These figures are not much of a surprise especially with the ever-increasing rate of online threats*.

Government stated that they need to examine threats carefully so as to reduce risk of being hack again. With sensitive information compromised and made available to the public eyes, protecting critical infrastructures and information has been a great challenge for the government and other big organizations.

Security Solutions for Different Needs

No one's ever safe from the malicious intents of cybercrminals. Even the powerful and technologically advanced nations and corporations are not invincible to such threats. If leading nations are already struggling to keep their records from being compromised, the probability of being at risk may be double for unsuspecting individual users, small businesses, and third-world countries.

Many people are tempted to be part of the hacking society as it has proved to be one of the most lucrative crafts today. This fact alone makes it really hard for people to guard themselves from the hazards of online threats and data breaches.

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