Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Mark your calendars! Today, October 3, 2012, is the day when the law will take effect. But let us just sum up all the reactions it has been creating in the news for the past month.

The Supreme Court will not negate nor delay the implementation of the Cybercrime Law in spite of the 7 petitions filed against it. According to the Supreme Court Public Information Office, the Court “did not issue a TRO (temporary restraining order) in the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 petitions, which are up for further study.”

This being said, the law will give the Department of Justice the authority to take down websites and terminate data without notice. By today, the government has already started training more than 150 investigators and prosecutors in fighting online offenses. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said that they shouldn't be blamed for the law's controversial provisions. Further adding that even if they initially objected the provisions, they still have to implement the law. “We have our law now and it is our duty to execute the law, unless otherwise declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court or unless repealed by the crafters of the law, the Congress,” she added.

On a different perspective, Filipinos are affected by the provisions of the law that it already took two senators to file a petition against it, specifically protesting on the provision regarding online libel. The outrage even reached a “black protest”, one of which is that Facebook users are setting their display picture as black blank photo to stress that the government is assaulting their freedom to speak and express their feelings and opinions.

What is to stop government from monitoring emails, online transactions, and other online activities? And on the mere basis of due cause? It is an assault on on our right to privacy.” Bayan secretary general Renato Reyes said in a press statement.

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