Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dealing with Cybercrime Becomes More Costly

The average annual cost of cybercrime jumped 6 percent to $8.9 million in 2012, driven up by denial-of-service, malicious insiders and attacks on Websites, according to an Oct. 8 study released by the Ponemon Institute*.”

Cybercriminals are working overtime to infect as much people with malware, and steal a larger database from leading companies they’ll use as instruments for their malicious plans. Statistics say that on average, 1.8% of cyber attacks per week are successful. The percentage might sound small but, there is a huge margin of error for such estimates as many of today’s cyber attacks are becoming harder to discover and track, thus putting more companies in peril of being compromised.

As a result of the these ever-increasing threats, many enterprises and SMBs resort to outsourcing cyber security services from trusted Certification Authorities and Anti-virus companies. This is a very good and effective way to secure brand reputation and save money from data breaches. Unfortunately, cost for cyber security proportionally increases with cybercrime which is not-so-good news for many companies especially those seriously trying to cut their costs.

What makes the situation worse is the unarguable fact that “there is no way to get damages to fall to zero”. Cybercriminals are getting better everyday at hacking websites and distributing malwares as this has proven to be a very lucrative craft for them capable of sustaining not only their daily needs but also their wants. Believe it or not, the previous year, an average cyber-attack took only 18 days to be fixed, but now it takes 24 days on minimum to retrieve all lost data.

If this is the case, then what better way to shed those extra works of reviving the losses than to actually have it secured even before the attack.

GlobalSign, being one of the world's largest SSL and client certificate provider, has just the right solutions for different needs. GlobalSign offers a wide range of trust services and products. It offers SSL certificates secured by the highest encryption level available to date, 2048-bit encryption. You may choose among Domain Validation SSL, Organization Validation SSL, and Extended Validation SSL. And, GlobalSign also offers cost efficient solutions for those having a number of domains and subdomains to secure – SANs and Wildcard SSL, respectively. Subject Alternative Name (SAN) is utilized by multi-domain SSL certificates from GlobalSign to enable you the flexibility to secure up to 40 different domain names, subdomain, and public IP addresses using only one SSL certificate and IP address.

Moreover, GlobalSign also offers a range of digital certificates both for enterprise and individual use including Personal Sign, which allows customers to digitally sign emails and Microsoft office documents, PDF sign, allows digital signing of PDF documents, and code signing, which allows developers to digitally sign their applications and programs.

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