Monday, 5 November 2012

Security of Facebook Accounts in Question

Does Facebook really protect their users’ information or are your details subject to being compromised without you really knowing?

A Czech blogger exposed that there was a list of accounts containing over a million Facebook users being offered at a cheap price of $5*. He admittedly bought a list to feed his curiosity if the list is legitimate or no. To his surprise, majority of the included account details were accurate, even finding some of his friends’ accounts along with it.

Not long after he had this strong statement against Facebook’s security policies, Facebook employees started contacting him digging for further information and asking him to remove the not-so-good comments he included in his blog. He submitted to the request and did what they want but he also asked them if they knew anything about it and if it is possible to receive some updates on the investigation. Unfortunately, Facebook said that it will be an internal investigation and that they cannot give out any further information until everything is settled.

What Users Need to Do

Keeping people from using social media, especially Facebook, will be too much of a work for influential people, even the government. With rapid penetration and increasing rate of signed up users, it has rapidly become one of the best networking channel. It may even be safe to say that it has already replaced the traditional way people meet and greet, and share important updates of their lives.

What people opt to do is just to be extra cautious of the sites they sign up on. Keeping in mind the basics of online security will be of great help. This should include being keen in looking for the indications of an SSL secured website: yellow padlock, green address bar, and secure site seal. It may not be a strong wall guarding you against the huge wave of attacks, but at least it will keep you off the shock.

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