Thursday, 13 December 2012

Chinese Government Sites Hacked by a Pakistani Group

A Pakistani group who titled themselves as Code Cracker has damaged over 400 Chinese government websites and sub domains.

A group of hackers named “Code Crackers”, also part of a larger cybercriminal group Pakistan Cyber Army, breached a total of 437 Government websites, posting their group’s defaced image on the office website and all subdomains of Xuchang City after the attack. The complete list of affected sites can be seen here on PasteBin.

This is not the first time the website of Xuchang City People's Procuratorate endured a breach. Last September 2010, an Indonesian cybercriminal group, “Hmei7”, hacked the website. And just recently, last November 29, 2012, it suffered yet another breach by a group named “DevilzSec”. It just shows to prove that Xuchang City People's Procuratorate website has the information that hackers would need or want. Regardless of the reason, they should be alert before another group makes a four-peat!

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