Monday, 17 December 2012

IT: Important to Businesses

Companies worldwide are planning to invest and rely on IT departments to increase efficiency on their work, stating that investments over the next three years will focus on cloud computing and business analysis software.*

Careers in IT seem promising for 2013. Surprisingly, the highest-performing companies – those that reported their financial performance is stronger that their industry peers – measured a different advantage for IT in their business.

"We must embrace disruptive technologies such as cloud and mobile that are propelling business growth to create an opportunity for IT to step out of a support function into a more strategic role," Juniper Networks Senior Vice President and CIO Bask Iyer said in a statement. "By creating new products and services and identifying new market opportunities, IT can truly transform and technologically enable the business.”

It's no question that IT can really deliver fast and reliable outcome. In fact, one of the main strengths of IT is the efficient execution of general business processes allowing industries to save not only time, but unnecessary cost. Thus, many businesses, with no doubt, will reach maximum growth should they begin to shift to and embrace IT operations.

This however, is not always the perspective when it comes to IT. Comparatively, small scale businesses or businesses not related to IT slowly recognize the potential value IT has to offer as a collaborative partner in identifying new opportunities.

Given that IT brings a number of advantages, it still has its flaws which may explain why some people are not fully receptive of it. If the system is not strongly guarded enough, data may be breached and lost in an instant. With the vast number of IT industries, the big question is who to trust? That’s where GlobalSign can help. We are one of the world’s largest Certificate Authorities and it’s our job to answer the question of trust. GlobalSign offers a wide range of trust services and products. It offers SSL certificates secured by the highest encryption level available to date, 2048-bit encryption. You may choose among Domain Validation SSL, Organization Validation SSL, and Extended Validation SSL.

Also offered is GlobalSign’s CloudSSL, an SSL distribution service available via API and is designed specifically to help web services operate securely in the Cloud. It removes the restrictions of traditional SSL, such as one Certificate per IP address, and can be used across large virtualized environments without incurring additional license fees. CloudSSL partners make on-demand requests for SSL Certificates,including request for their customer base all within the top level Certificate issued to the Cloud partner. All the time meeting the highest security associated with the GlobalSign SSL brand.

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