Friday, 21 December 2012

Hacking and Protesting

Anonymous India hacked into India's largest fixed line telecoms operator Bharhat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and leaked company information in protest of the country's IT Act Section 66A which restricts citizen's freedom of speech and expression. *

Today, we can say whatever we want and let the world hear our voice without even speaking, thanks to the famous World Wide Web. You post one statement, it becomes controversial, then the next thing you know, it is already the talk of the whole world. The internet rapidly evolved into a blank slate where everyone can paint their ideas and opinions. It is a place where everyone felt free to do whatever, until government agencies drafted laws for cybersecurity.

Since the birth of democracy, protesting has become a common response when people feel their freedom is being threatened. Over the years, and across the globe, protesting has been and will always be people’s way of publicly announcing their objections and desires. Unsurprisingly, forms of protests have evolved with technology.

A proof to this is the recent breach in India. Indian government officials legislated a law which is allegedly suppressing citizen’s freedom of speech and expression. As a response, to the threat, Anonymous India hacked India’s largest telecoms operator, Bharhat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

We all know that hackers are very prevalent nowadays and the each nation's government finds it hard to control them. But putting a law into it might be beneficial to the government and the citizens even if it seems contradictory.
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