Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thailand in Cybersecurity Crisis

With the rampant use of social media, Thailand’s ministries fear that the public sector is at risk of increasing cyber attacks.

According to, in Thailand along, there are more than 17.6 million Facebook users today, with a notable growth of yet another 3.3 million users in the last six months, hailing the country at top 14 worldwide in terms of signed up Facebook users*.

Maj Gen Bunjerd Tientongdee, deputy director of the Ministry of Defense's Department of Defense Information and Space Technology, mentioned the role of social media in the Arab Spring uprising last year, stating that it is possible that Thailand would end up on the same leaf if social media were to be used for political purposes.

He also stated that the military was concerned that social media might lead to spread of misinformation which is critical, because government information should and is expected to be accurate and secured. With this being said, security shall be highlighted in this area. This is especially when Maj Bunjerd also mentioned that government servers have been threatened, but adding that he cannot disclose any specifics.

On another note, Maj Bunjerd has been honest to share that their legal framework regarding the design of law and regulations of their cyber security system has yet to evolve to cover the online world.

ICT Minister, Anudith Nakornthap, said only about 150 Thais have been certified as information systems security professionals (CISSP). About 90,000 people around the world are CISSP certified, he said, with Singapore housing around 1,110 of Asean's 1,608 certificate holders. The ratio of Thailand to Singapore is comparatively poor to Thais, given the huge amount of internet users in their locality.

Mr. Prinya, president of cyber security consultancy firm Acis Professional Centre, then added that "It would be a serious threat, especially in two years [when the Asean Economic Community comes into effect], if we are not aware of the need for cyber security improvement,"

This is a great opportunity to cater the starving industry. As cybercriminals continue to attack regardless of the target size, may this be a start for us to secure all relevant and important information our company holds.

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