Wednesday, 21 November 2012

SSL is the Company's Insurance

Ever wonder why a lot of people keep on buying insurances? Insure a house, a life, a material possession, and the list goes on. The inflated rate is brought by the growing number of people who want to secure their possessions before they’re gone, and/or the increasing need to put up investments which may secure them from the negative global economic recession.

Just like all insurances, you buy the policy for future purposes – be it for your child, other dependents, or maybe just your investment to gain cash given a period of time. Whatever your reason, bottom line is, buying these insurances is for protection and assurance that whatever happens in this unpredicted life, at least you were ready.

People insure everything. Even mobile phones and laptops get to be insured. More often than not, people insure tangible things, but as identity fraud, data breaches, and document alteration continuously increase in a rapid rate, won’t websites and other online housed data be worth an insurance too? Problem is, putting this into practice is not as easy as ABC as people will always think they are invulnerable to such attacks until they become victims themselves. They always have this impression that because they are not big names in the society or that since they are part of the SMEs, they will be attack-free. This is where they're wrong, cybercriminals find these firms and take advantage of them.

How you see your data is not how cyber criminals see them. To these people, your data, no matter how small, is still information which may help them make money. This is a very lucrative kind of business as the operation has global scope. When security is at stake, there is no better time to safeguard yourself and learn the best practices to keep safe but now. As internet is penetrating regions in a very fast pace, it may be harder to believe that we can ever eliminate cybercrimes. But as they say, if you can't get rid of it at least prevent it.

Encrypting your website with strong SSL Certificates from trusted a trusted Certificate Authority, like GlobalSign is the best way to secure digital information. Here's a little something about our company and how we can be of big help! GlobalSign, being one of the world's largest SSL and client certificate provider, has solutions your company needs for it to get online shoppers trust your website and shop without hesitation. GlobalSign offers a wide range of trust services and products. It offers SSL certificates secured by the highest encryption level available to date, 2048-bit encryption. You may choose among Domain Validation SSL, Organization Validation SSL, and Extended Validation SSL.

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